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South Sudan Ministry - Cush Christian School

The South Sudan Ministry was formed in 2008, and is a joint ministry of Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church (PCA), the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, and Scott Brinkerhoff. For more information about the RPCNA work:

 Scott Brinkerhoff standing in the living room of his home in South Sudan

The original ministry was to build a radio station that would broadcast local news and Bible stories over the radio.  This project was completed in 2011 when the programming and operations of the station had been transferred to Dinka men.  As the radio ministry was nearing completion the vision for a Christian School became a reality and now we are approaching out sixth year.  God has blessed this ministry with teachers willing to teach (and learn), parents willing to make very real material sacrifices for their children's education, and children who have a genuine thirst for the knowledge about God and His Creation.

This Week's Prayer Requests:

From Nov. 20, 2016

Answer to prayer:

Kids are excited about their final program coming up on Tuesday morning and ready to put God's faithfulness on display.

Prayer request:
I'm heading out Thursday morning for Japan, LA, St. Louis, NC and a few other states.  Please pray that God will bring my testimony together with people who need to hear good news and that the result will be joy.  

Updates may be somewhat erratic over the next 2 months.  An old saying in the Brinkerhoff family that's not meant to be theological: no news is good news ; )




Cush Christian School (CCS) seeks to glorify God by helping parents of the Aweil Community Church provide their children with an excellent academic education that has the Word of God at the center of all learning.  


Primary/secondary schools where children from Aweil Community Churches grow in their knowledge of the creation and the God who is Creator and Redeemer, enabled and driven to apply this knowledge in all they do.

Core Values:

  1. Biblical integration in all disciplines.

  2. Parents taking responsibility for the training of their children, and paying school fees that support Dinka teachers.

  3. Final authority over mission, statement of faith, school fees, and budget residing with the Aweil Community Church (churches planted by the work  of Cush4Christ).

  4. Families submitted to the statement of faith.  

  5. Primarily Dinka administrators and teachers from the Aweil Community Church.

  6. Replication of Cush Christian School which would include new locations and in particular, teacher training.

  7. Acceptance of financial help from outside sources in areas such as teacher training, curriculum, supplies, a work program, desks, buildings, etc,

General Plan:

Train children in literacy (Dinka and English) and then introduce and administer the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) Pace system of individualized and independent learning.  


CSC is committed to having school fees that are devoted to paying the teachers.  Cush4Christ ministry funds are currently used for other important needs or projects like teacher training, curriculum, supplies, and a work program.  C4C funds may be complemented by outside designated giving (see Core Values #7).

A letter to our partners in Christian education,

You have been so faithful in undergirding with prayer the fledgling work of Cush Christian School.  You have also been very patient, for many have expressed an interest in giving to specific material needs, but we weren’t ready.  Finally, I can come to you with a plan that supports our mission and core values, while allowing me to freely invite you to “give to your heart’s content!”  

Our mission board has approved the distribution of a list of physical needs (see below) or projects, and my home church Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church) has offered to receive gifts designated to meet those needs, enabling me to access those resources with integrity and accountability.  

As you review the list, please take note of what is intentionally missing: child sponsorships and teacher salaries.  Here’s why.  We want the parents and local church to take responsibility for the most important part of Christian education: the teacher.  For this reason we’ve kept the needs of our indigenous teachers completely supported by school fees, which all parents pay.  This requires much prayer and counsel as we hold the needs of our teachers in one hand and the needs of our poorest families in the other.  All other needs can be met by the gifts of the saints.  We believe this allows us to be true to our mission while providing an outlet for those who have the desire and the means to give.  In the end, the church grows and His kingdom comes!

Our school is entering its sixth year, and we are learning a great deal at every step.  And learn we must, because it is our strong hope that this school will lead the way for many more to come.  With that in mind, do not hesitate to ask questions about what you see here, and certainly don’t hesitate to ask about giving towards something you don’t see here, large or small.  

Maybe your gift is the praying you’ve been doing all along.  Maybe you want to provide the chalk for this year’s first term.  Maybe you want to wait until we need another building.  Whatever you do, do it with a cheerful heart, and I have it on good authority that you will know the fullness of His joy!     

For the King and His kids,

Scott Brinkerhoff


Needs List


Dinka primers $ 100.00
Speaking English workbooks $ 200.00
Grade 1 workbooks $ 50.00
Grade 2 workbooks $ 300.00
English Bibles $ 500.00
Dinka New Testaments $ 250.00
Bible workbooks $ 500.00
TOTAL $ 1,900.00

Chalk $ 50.00
Paper $ 50.00
Markers $ 50.00
Pencils $ 25.00
Exercise books $ 100.00
Supply cabinet $ 250.00
Play - balls, jump ropes $ 100.00
TOTAL $ 625.00

Work program - helping with tuition $ 300.00
Teacher training $ 1,200.00
Lunch program $ 2,400.00
Government registration $ 200.00
TOTAL $ 4,100.00